Top 10 Ceiling Fan Styles with Lights

Basic Ceiling fans can get boring to look at sometimes. Therefore it is mandatory to kick it up a notch. But how? Use ceiling fans with lights. From the carpets to fans, everything needs to be in check and in style. There is an assortment of light fans available from contemporary to antique and modern to traditional. Select a style that sits best with the rest of your home décor.

Rustic Style

For a rustic-style house, this is it. Made out of aged wood and metal to create a natural rustic look. Usually with three or four blades with beautiful lights suspended from it. A good choice for any home that looks for warmth, comfort and natural beauty.

Transitional Style

An exceptional combination of traditional and contemporary. Perfect and popular for anyone who loves both concepts. Provides Warmth, Elegance, and Comfort to any home. Usually comes in plain colors or with a simple design.

Modern Style

Imagine a beautiful and sleek black ceiling fan with light in your black and white themed living room. Sounds elegant, yes? Modern fans are usually a dose of both, simplicity and elegance, often constructed from real wood and synthetic material, in neutral colors, the right choice for any modern space.

Traditional Style

A fan with lights that look nothing but traditional! They focus more on function than fashion, designed in a classic but in the most outdated style to match the traditional theme. Makes the home look homey and adds warmth to it.

Lantern Style

It has a style class of its own. It is a rustic and traditional type fan with a glass lantern fixture. The shape of the lantern can be customized according to your style. This style looks great with the nautical design theme.

Contemporary Style

It is a contemporary fan with lights to balance out a contemporary space, perfect for those who love to live in sophistication and elegance. Often built with wood, nickel, steel, and real wood.

Kids Style

It is absolutely crucial to do your child’s room the right way. Even the fan needs to scream childishness. Bright and Colourful and Playful, you can also take inspiration from their favorite superhero or Disney princess or cartoon or movie. The light and fan combo will get your kids excited.

Craftsman Style

Notable and famous for its handmade look, like the rustic style, it provides a warmth and comfort to its environment. The soothing and neutral tones really do it right. Bring a uniquely American look to your home.

Victorian Style

This masterpiece will take you to the 18th century in England, the Victorian era. Provides a charming look to a Victorian styled home. Quite expensive because of the high-cost materials used for production, but overall very classy and appealing. 

Mission Style

Used for an Arts and Crafts style room setting. Mission Style fans usually have a basic geometric detailing and are usually dark in color with beautiful grains. Perfect for a casual room setup.

Find the most perfect one, the one that will make your home feel the style itself. And awe everyone who enters it.

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