The Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

The world is slowly but surely switching to sustainable energy as it is the only way to ensure that we do not cause a mass extinction of humanity by destroying our earth. By continuing to use fossil fuels at a relentless rate we are in essence digging our own graves. Because coal and oil are both very hard to obtain and using them comes at a damaging cost to the environment. Here are some of the numerous benefits of renewable energy.

Improves the State Of Public Health

The world is suffering from a staggering number of diseases and ailments all because of fossil fuel pollution. Everything from cancer to heart disease and the deformity of an unborn fetus to pneumonia can all be traced to pollution that comes about as a result of our consumption of fossil fuels. The harmful toxins these fossil fuels emit into the oxygen that we breathe is doing us a lot of harm whether we realize it or not.

Less Greenhouse Gases

The world is already facing an overdose of greenhouse gas emissions, so the need to curb our dependency on fossil fuels at this moment in time is dire. Carbon dioxide (or worse carbon- monoxide) is on the rise due to the use of coal and oil. The deadly gases are tearing a hole in earth’s thin ozone layer which is its only protection from the harmful rays of the sun. And without the ozone layer to protect us, climate change will happen more unpredictably and more savagely as we have already begun to witness the beginning of rapid heating and cooling of locations that have always remained constant in their climate. Renewable energy is one of the solutions for preventing the tear in the ozone layer from getting worse every day.

Saves Money

Get commercial solar panels and you will begin to realise how much cheaper it is to have your own independent source of energy, the sun! Instead of relying on power-hungry cooperation’s that want to drain you of all your money, just harvest the suns energy. The initial costs may be a little high at first but you will never have to pay an electricity bill ever again so it really is not that big of a deal. You will however have to make sure to maintain the energy panels so that they can run sufficiently without any issues.


So it is time to make a change for the better and move on from these harmful and outdated fossil fuels. Because we simply cannot keep holding on to them forever. There are so many ways for us to help prevent global warming and renewable energy is a key part of how we can wean ourselves off of dangerous fossil fuels. So do not hesitate to make the switch to alternative energy because by doing so you are doing a service to yourself, your progeny and ultimately the whole of humanity. You can preserve this world for future generations by making a few smart choices, so choose wisely and go green!

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