Romantic Things to Do On a Cruise

Going on a cruise with your sweetheart is a truly romantic way to escape. There are a variety of activities you can enjoy, not to mention the breathtaking sights you’ll see. Here are some of the most romantic things you can do on a cruise ship.

Host a Special Celebration

There are plenty of reasons why cruise ships are so popular with couples. Not least of all because you can celebrate special events and milestones with your loved oneon-board. All the while relaxing, travelling and enjoying the best of everything. Many couples choose wedding boat hire Sydneyto say their vows. These wedding packages come with a host of great benefits that will make your special event truly memorable. If you are married, you can also choose to renew your vows. Some cruise lines even offer romance packages to customers where they deliver cake, flowers and wine to your room. So you can even pop the question to your sweetheart and then have a private celebration to follow.

Stay On a Private Island

Some cruise ships make stops at their own private islands. This is really amazing for couples who want to spend some time alone and get away from their busy lives. Couples can also avoid the holiday crowds and have their own little piece of paradise, even if it’s only for a day or so. You’ll be able to enjoy a number of activities including snorkelling, sunbathing and walking along the shoreline with your sweetheart. You could stay in beautiful waterfront bungalows and enjoy the local cuisine. At night, you can wrap up the day with a barbecue and star gazing session out on the beach.

DineOn Your Private Balcony

Dining in the main dining room of a ship certainly has its charms. However, if you want to enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner for just the two of you, you’ll be pleased with this one. Some cruise lines give couples the chance to dine on their own cabin balcony free-of-charge. You’ll be able to dine course by course while taking in the ocean breeze. Some cruise lines also serve breakfast like this, so either way you’ll get to enjoy an amazing meal with just your honey by your side.

Take a Dip in Your Own Hot Tub

It’s not all that fun going for a swim in the pool only to find it crowded. So what could be better than booking a room with your own hot tub? Hot tubs are a great way to relax and are the height of luxury. And it’s even better if yours is out on the balcony so you can have a great view of the ocean as you soak. It’ll also come with its perks, and you can enjoy a drink or even watch TV as you relax.

Enjoy the Spas

Many cruise ships have their own spas and saunas which are perfect for a couple’s retreat. You’ll be able to enjoy couples’ massages, hot tubs and a host of other soothing, relaxing activities. Some offer special packages to couples, including chocolate body wraps and herbal therapies. Other perks include tea ceremonies, foot massages and bathing rituals.

Couples looking for a private retreat can definitely enjoy a host of benefits on a cruise ship.

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