How to Make Sure Your Children Stay Safe While Swimming?

Swimming is an amazing sport. In fact it is one of the sports where your entire body needs to move. That’s probably why swimmers have such a lean physique. But with that being said, it also can be quite dangerous. Children who are beginners might have trouble staying afloat and can drown. That’s why it’s essential to take safety precaution to make sure they are okay so here are some things that you can do:

Always Keep an Eye

Whether you are a busy mom, and you are socializing with your friends always make sure that you keep a close eye on your child. Yes it may look fun but that have been documented instances where the mother was on the phone with a friend when the child was drowning.  You need to do this especially in the early stages when your child is learning. As he improves his skills it won’t be required.

Cover It Up

Children are obviously mischievous and due to this make sure that you cover your pools especially in off-season. There are some really good pool covers that you can order which completely cover the pool. Not only does it looks uninviting but also prevents leaves and other debris from falling into the pool which later reduced the work that is required for cleaning the pool.

Set Timings

As you know the pool is a fully functioning system. It needs to be cleaned and chlorinated which is known as shocking. So children need to understand that they can only use the pool at scheduled times. Every time they obey this rule you reward them that way you know when your child is swimming. Another way to make sure that the child abides by the rule is to tell him about the effects of swimming after the pool is chlorinated. Talk to him about the effects and even involve him in the process of cleaning the pool. This way the child understands the risks and abides the timing.

Learn How to Do CPR

First of all, we hope you are never required to do this. It is quite difficult to see a parent in that position. Usually, they freeze up. But by knowing CPR techniques you can aid someone in case of drowning.

Keep Away Pool Toys After They Have Been Used

Let’s face it; pool toys are usually very attractive and colourful. Children may be tempted by the colours and maybe lured into the pool by mistake. So it’s recommended once the swimming session is over clear the pool area of all toys to prevent any mishaps from happening.

Fence It

Another good way to keep the children out is to install a fence around the pool. It is basically a barrier that covers the pool on all four sides. Ideally it is recommended to have the fence at least 4 feet in height to be sure the children won’t open it. Also it’s best to build a fence where the children will not be able to climb. This way you can be sure that they can only enter the pool under adult supervision.

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