How to Get Hired Right After Studies?

If you have just completed your studies and are fresh out of college or university, your next challenge is going to be finding the right employment. You can actually get started on that career that you have been working for so hard through the many years of tiring study. Guess what? It’s super tough to get hired today just because everybody is so qualified and there are so many people applying for the same position. Sometimes, it is not even the right candidates that get hired for the role really. Therefore you should stay ahead of your game by understanding the various ways in which you can gain access to land your dream job right after studies. Here are some helpful pointers that you should definitely make use of.

Have You Volunteered Or Interned While You Were Studying?

Theory and practical studies in a classroom is very different to really what happens in the real world. Many people actually complain about the vicious cycle that has been created by jobs asking for candidates with experience and a low age at the same time. But if you think about it, you can actually intern and volunteer while you are studying so that you fill in that gap too. Of course, you will be able to carry on your studies while you are interning because that is the whole point of an internship. This way when you come out of your university or college you will not just have the qualifications but you will also have the right amount of experience in the field that will make you an asset to any company. Before you know it you will be actually working and making your own money.

Get Some Advice from the Experts

You may think that you know it all when it comes to looking for employment but there are always people who work in that field who know more and better than you do about what employers are looking for the most in a particular candidate for a specific position. For this purpose, it would be wise if you can get the help of a recruitment consultant in Melbourne so that they will be able to take you through the process and also tell you what the dos and don’ts are. You will have access to their additional service like building CVs and cover letters too which will make your job a whole lot easier and more effective.

Get Professional and Academic Qualifications

You should never only focus on academic qualifications if you want to get hired fast. In addition to the academic side of your studies think about getting some professional qualifications too. These are also known as job ready qualifications and essentially tell and employer that you have the skills and the knowledge that is needed for their workplace. Otherwise transferring the academic knowledge into real life without any exposure first at all can be rather challenging and also shocking to your system.

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