How to Deal With Traumatic Moments in Your Life

Almost everyone you know (including yourself) has probably been through a traumatic instant or had to face something very difficult in life. For some the traumatic instant/ situation is more difficult to overcome than for others and so it leads to new issues like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. So how do you deal with different cases of trauma?

Identify the Cause

What one person considers traumatic may not be traumatic for another. So different things in life will affect various people differently. New mothers often suffer from what is called the ‘baby blues’ because they cannot cope with having to take care of a child 24/7, and this is understandable because it is most certainly difficult. Soldiers who come back from the war are horrified by the things they see and find it difficult to recover from the shock once they are back home. Any thing that makes one feel hopeless, helpless, a sense of disbelief, sad, angry, lost, fearful or empty can result in a traumatic stress. Depending on how bad the trauma is there may be the need for PTSD treatment. But what else can be done?

Avoid the Bad Things

This is likely easier said than done but honestly the best thing you can do is to just try and stay away from whatever it is that might be distressing to you. Although this does not work in all cases like for new mothers (because they can’t leave their helpless babies). But when possible it is best to step back and take a deep breath. It will help you assess the situation better and also help you gain a sense of being grounded and calmer. Limit any exposure that you might have to the traumatic event, place, person or incident.

Take Action

Never wallow in your sadness. Be brave enough to do something about the way you are feeling. Because just doing nothing about the way you feel is very dangerous to your mental health.  Small positive actions can truly help you get on the road to recovery. Go volunteer to help feed, clothe or comfort the less fortunate. As this will make you feel more grateful for your life and your circumstances, no matter how bad they may appear to be. Besides volunteering, you should also get into a physical fitness programme. Because exercise can really speed up the recovery process.

The Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude can really help you get out of the trauma you probably keep reliving. Make sure to help out as many people as you can, make a small difference even to one person’s life and you will feel so much better for it. Help others with the intention of bettering their life. I promise that doing such work will help you overcome whatever you might be facing. Because by helping others in need you will come to realize that no matter how bad you think your situation might be there is always someone worse off than you.

Nobody ever said that getting over a traumatic ordeal or getting through a traumatic situation in life is going to be easy. It requires effort but you have to pull yourself up and just keep going no matter how bad things get.

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