The Health Conditions You Observe In Ageing Dogs

We all know that as we grow older our health begins to decline. It does not mean that we have to prepare to die. Instead, it means that we have to take precautions to prolong our life. Therefore similar to humans ageing dogs also experience this condition. As they grow older you would begin to see their energy declining. Similarly, their health would also change. But we understand that many individuals would not be aware of the conditions that can potentially develop. We understand that even knowing of these conditions does not mean that you can prevent them. But educating yourself means you would understand what the dog is going through. Therefore you would know what you have to do to make them feel comfortable.


If your dog is anything like mine your primary mode of communication would be speaking to it. I don’t know only tell the dog commands to follow. But I also show my affection my talking to them. But one has to understand that many dogs tend to lose their hearing as they grow older. This is an extremely common condition. However, you should not worry that they would one day wake up without being able to hear. It does not happen like that. Instead, it is acondition which happens over a period of time. But unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do. That is because unlike humans dogs do not have hearing aids. But you would be able to easily identify the symptoms. Therefore that would provide you with time to prepare your dog. This means teaching him/her hand commands.


Older dogs are more likely than younger dogs to become obese. That is because with age they become less reluctant to move. This may also be because of the declination of their energy level. However, you should not simply ignore this problem. Dog owners have to understand that this is a serious condition. That is because just like in humans obesity can cause many health problems in dogs. It will not only affect their heart but it can also cause spinal problems. Therefore if you ever suspect your dog is heading towards obesity you must take some precautions. For instance, it is highly advisable for one to reduce the quantity of food given. Furthermore, you should also try to exercise him/ her on a regular basis. We understand that they would be reluctant to walk. But it is your responsibility to ensure they do so.

Handling an ageing dog may sometimes be similar to handling an ageing individual. You would require copious amounts of both energy and patience.

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