A Guide to Flying Etiquettes That Everyone Must Follow

In this day and age, you would not think twice about getting on an airplane. That is because flying has become a common form of transport for many individuals. But one has to realize that this is not exactly like other forms of transport. For instance, if you travel by a car you would be travelling by yourself or with a couple of people. But when you travel by bus the number of people would increase but you would still have a sense of comfort due to the fact that you are travelling on a road. But that is not the case when it comes to flying. That is because not only are you flying athousand feet above the ground. But you would also be in close quarters with the other passengers for acouple of hours. Furthermore, there are also a set of rules and regulations one has to follow. But there are also some etiquettes that one has to follow.


One of the benefits of flying is that passengers get to enjoy an unlimited amount of alcohol. However, you need to understand that you would be in close quarters next to a person for the duration of the journey. Furthermore, no one likes to spend hours and hours next to a drunk. But we understand that no matter what we say some people would continue to do what they like. Therefore if you ever get stuck next to a drunk there are a few steps that you can take. For instance, we highly recommend you to not engage with this individual. That is because no good can come from having a discussion with a drunk. Furthermore, we understand that sometimes this individual would make you feel uncomfortable. In that case, you should immediately talk to a flight attendant. We are not telling you to complain about this person. But instead, you can ask the attendant if there is a vacant seat that you can move into for the duration of the flight.

Don’t Talk Too Much

You need to understand that different people enjoy travelling in different manners. For instance, some individuals would spend their time reading or watching television. There could also be other individuals who engage in conversation with their seat companion. But you need to understand that some people prefer to travel in silence. This does not mean that you should completely ignore them. If you like you can introduce yourself. But you would be able to see from one’s behaviour whether they want to continue the conversation or not. Therefore if you feel that they would not enjoy having a conversation you should simply let them be.

It is critical to follow the above guidelines. That is because you are not travelling by yourself.

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