Getting Ready To Pack Your Belongings Before Moving

Are you planning to move into your new place but is still wondering how to carry all your belongings? The best thing to do is to go step by step; first getting the necessary items ready and then moving on to put them into bags or boxes. Here are the steps you can follow and the items you need to have by your side.

Start Early

Don’t start to rummage through your belongings the day before moving. While it is ok to keep some items for the last minute, such as your toiletries, some cooking pans and an outfit or two, get all the other items ready at least two or three days before the moving day. Starting early gives you time to go through your list of items and see if you have missed anything and also will give you time to do away with unnecessary, unused items at your place. This way, you will have time to get the necessary containers to you such as bags or boxes and paddings for them.


A bag or two is definitely not enough to get all your items from one place to another as you will have to take all your belongings to the new place. You will be needing boxes, and to take away the garbage that collects while packing, plastic bags. Since it is easy to categorize your items, have separate boxes; a separate bag or box for similar items. You can use boxes for appliances, and even books. Clothes can be stored in traveling bags and suitcases. Place glass and porcelain items in one container so it is easy to identify it and keep it safe while travelling.


When placing items that are fragile, inside the boxes, make sure to use stuffing. You will need to store these items specifically in a box and not in a bag as boxes make stuffing easier. You can use shredded paper and old clothes but if you don’t have stuffing at home, look for places you can get packaging materials Melbourne and buy padding, bubble wrap, moulded pulp or foam. This will make sure mirrors, glassware and appliances stay as one piece throughout the moving.


Never leave your boxes without sealing them. This ensures the safety of the items inside, preventing them from falling out while travelling and stop them from making a mess in your vehicle or the moving vehicle. Make sure you have extra tape that is a bit broader so that they won’t come off when you move them. Naming the box/ bag to identify them and sealing them has to be done in the very end of preparation process because then you don’t have to reopen them if items are accidentally left out.

Once the packing process is done the first part of the moving is completed. When you have cleared your old place and got all you need wrapped up and sealed, you can continue the rest of the activities with less stress and worry.

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