Gardening 101: Planning and Design Guide

Your garden is what you surround yourself with when you step outside the house. Moat often it is also the first impression your house guests will when they arrive. This is why before you get into planting the seeds, it is important to plan out your garden for a better gardening experience. Here are some planning tips for those of you who are just about to enter gardening as a hobby and for those of you who have been doing it for long time.

Plan Out Your Layout

Give some thought before you get into the hard work. Think of the size of the garden you have and how to take the maximum benefit of it. Think of the kind of plants you want to use; will you be only focussing on the crops that you can use such as vegetables and fruits or only ornamental plants? Or will you have space to maintain both?

Taking the space and the shape of your kind into consideration, think of how to landscape. Who does professional landscaping Turramurra who you can hire to help you with this? These aspects need to be thought out before you step out into the garden with your tools.

Know Your Soil

Another important part of garden design is knowing the kind of soil you have in your area. Certain crops only grow in certain types of soils. So, before you buy your plants and seeds it is important to know the soils and the kind of crops you can start planting.

Whether you are just about to start gardening or If you are someone who already owns a garden for yourself and is only planning to add something new or make a small change to it, you will have to treat your soil well when you start gardening. Make sure it is always well-drained, weeded and loosened. This will help your soil to be nutrient rich always.

What to Include and Where

What are the plants you love the most? Start with them. Starting with something that you have always wanted to plant can help the beginners get into gardening without thinking that it is too tiresome. For those of you who are not new to this, you can start thinking of the new additions you an include in your garden.

Think of how you can add a pop of colour to the garden by adding plants with flowers of various colours. If you love garden decoration, then how are you going to include them? Where are planning to include a small pond or a lantern in your garden? What are the garden lights you will need?

Take Care of Your Tools

Beginners can start with only a small collection of tools. You can LWAYS add to your tools when your garden starts expanding and when you become more and more better in the practice. After using each of the tools, make sure you clean them well so that they will not rust.

Make sure to get rid of all the soil, mud and other stains before you store them back. Even when storing make sure to store them in a dry place. Never store them outside where they are easily exposed to weather elements such as rain or even humidity because this is another way your tools can rust easily.

Gardening will only be a good experience to you if you are willing to follow the steps that help you to maintain the garden in a good condition. Garden cleaning is always necessary to make sure your plants, soil and even garden d├ęcor are in top condition.

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