Easy DIY Building Tips for Outdoor Projects

Maybe you’re a bit tired of staying indoors and wanted a little project to do this summer. It could be you’re starting to take interest in doing simple DIYs to improve your space or add a little decor to your garden. Here are some projects you can look into to get you building!

Pool Noodles

A trampoline is a good outdoor item for the kids to play with during the weekends – or whenever they have excess energy that needed to be released. You always need to keep this a child-friendly zone to let your kids, your kid’s friends and the whole family safe from scratches should their skin hit the spring area.

Pinecone Bedding

Ever had those annoying times where your pets dig through your garden and in the process uproots your plants? It could be an organic farming project you’d like to try so you can easily access plants and herbs right in front of doorsteps. When you have pets, it’s only natural that they might wander near the shrub. You can the extra time to build a small stalk fence weaved with a soft wooden fibre (similarly to that of a basket-like structure) around the plant. An extra 9 to 12 inches from the plant should be covered with pinecones for this to work.

Building a Small Shed

This may require some intermediate to advanced DIY building skills. If this is your first time, there are a lot of materials you can research first online and consider if you’re up to par to do this kind of project. Garden shades may work as storage and décor for your garden.  You can get electrical tools online that are offered at affordable prices to build your shed. Plus, having a backyard shed may also work as pub-shed for small gatherings with your friends.

Cedar Potting Bench

You have lots of plants lying around the garden and it has come to a point where you need to keep them organized. You don’t have to spend much to purchase them in your local gardening store. This is an easy project that will require a few tools and raw materials. It can be made of any wood so you can get creative in designing this.

Grill Gazebo

This works similarly to that of a shed but you’re just doing a very small part of it with only a few woods to support the frame and roof. These may double as a barbecue house for small gatherings or a central ornament for your garden concept. You can get creative and add layers of lights and storage features to keep small garden tools.

Wooden Bench

Fancy a rustic theme? You can never go wrong with a wooden bench! If you have a large patio, you may want to add a few pieces that are easy on the budget but delivers the same function nonetheless. Before you start building a DIY wooden bench, you may want to look into the cushion first to determine that sizes for your benches. Adjustments will be done accordingly to keep the cushions in place. For those on the budget, you may want to go for treated lumber. However, don’t limit yourself and go for rot-resistant wood such as cypress to give it extra durability.

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