Different Flowers for Different Occasions

Just like you wouldn’t wear the same kind of dress to different parties, when it comes to flowers as well, there are certain flowers that you gift for particular situations and others that you do in other situations. So knowing the art of gifting floral is needed to gift the right kind at the right moments. Here are some of these, to help you out.


Are you celebrating your 5th anniversary or even 30th anniversary? Then you should probably know that there are particular flowers that you gift for them as well. although it isn’t really a rule that you gift only these, there would be more meaning and value to such simple gifts especially if one were to look beyond the external appearance and deeper in to the meaning. While red rose HK are the typical kinds that one would gift to play things safer, daffodils, daisies and even lilies could be gifted too. However, make sure that you don’t choose flowers with the yellow shade because it means something more like friendship, in general terms, but when it comes to carnations its disappointment and you certainly don’t want to be face-palmed with carnations on your anniversary!


Did you know that there are specific floral for each month? So if you are a January born it would be carnations (use the red shade at all costs!) and if you are an October born then it would be Marigolds. However if you don’t really want to be month specific you can always design a bouquet online HK with a variety of floral of different shades. Pick more vibrant shades that are highlighting and unique to make a one of a kind arrangement to gift your friend or partner!


Although it might not be in practice much to gift someone flowers on the first date, you could still go ahead with it or even gift your significant other with these whenever you meet up with them or when celebrating a special occasion. So the best kinds to gift would be orchids, tulips and even dandelions. These are simple beauties that aren’t too overwhelming and creating the wrong impression of whatever you are trying to create. In other words, it wouldn’t scare them off, and that is what you need to first establish before you go anywhere with a potential relationship!


These are rather solemn and sombre events. Usually most arrangements that are done by florists as per orders are sent to the homes of the deceased as a tribute to them. And generally these arrangements are large and organized in a more formal way rather than a casual bouquet you would give someone. For such occasions the best kinds to gift would be roses, chrysanthemums or even lilies, but you also need to understand that colour plays a vital role here. Go for blue, white or green shades as they signify calmness and humility, and this is what is expected at any funeral.

Consider the above and choose the right flowers for the right occasions!

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