Cyber Security: What is it and how is it important?

The internet is a major boost to your businesses and personal life. There is a vast list of great benefits to obtain from the internet. However, there are also threats that you should protect yourself and the information that you have on the internet from. When you take a look at the history, there have been cyber-attacks that has disrupted the field of IT.

Therefore, when it comes to your internet or your business’s internet presence, you should not take a risk. If you are running a website and if you haven’t implemented any security protocols to your business, call for the services of Gridware so that you can easily set up high security for your business without hassle. In this article, we will continue to talk about what cyber security is and how it is important:

What does cyber security protect?

Most think that cyber security is done to protect a network. Even though this can be done, the most common targets are websites and servers. Therefore, if you are managing one of these, there is always a threat present of the website or the server getting hacked. Therefore, it is critical that you get an expert team to protect your website or server.

Some of the most minimum requirements that you should have for your website or server to be implemented is a firewall, endpoint protection, logging software, encryptions, radius server, etc. Having the guidance of an expert team, you will not have to worry about these aspects because they will easily guide you through what is needed to protect your website or server.

What happens when cyber security is missing?

A lot of companies have learnt their lessons the hard way. The hacking can be so intense that it could make a company go bankrupt. Records show that 91% of the large businesses have had a breach in the year 2015 and it has totaled to a cost of 1.4 billion loses, mainly due the fines. Therefore, it is crucial that you don’t take the risk but always focus on getting the ultimate protection to your website or server right from the start.

Social engineering

Social engineering is a tactic used by hackers where they target the users of a website or a server if the network that they are trying to hack is fully secure. In the recent years, there is a major increase in social engineering. This mostly happens through the internet where people are asked to click a link and enter their passwords.

When you are working with an expert team in cyber security, they will surely provide you all the information needed to protect your website, server, yourself and the users as well.

When choosing an expert team in cyber security, research onto their reputation and the credentials that they have so that you have the guarantee of getting the best. Even if you have doubts about how you should maintain the security, they will clear out your doubts. 

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