Avoiding Injury When Working On MEWPs

Accidents when working on elevated areas is one of the leading causes of serious injury and death on construction sites. There are plenty of safety tips when it comes to working on ladders and scaffoldings. However, there are only a few resources regarding safety when working on mobile elevated working platforms or MEWPs. In this article, you will learn more on how to prevent accidents and injuries when working with MEWPs.

What are MEWPs?

These are access machines that help the workers reach and work on high working areas. Vertical lifts and boom lifts are the two general classifications of this equipment. They can either be mobile or static.

Hazards When Working With MEWPs

Although they don’t look dangerous to operate and use, plenty of accidents can happen to MEWP operators and even the workers around them. One essential tip is that never use a MEWP without a beacon on it. Check its lights to see if it’s functional before using it. Beacon lights give a warning signal to the workers around you so they are aware of what to do. If you find that its light is broken, you can always find a replacement at our shop. We offer high quality and affordable LED beacon lights and you can choose from used or brand new items.

Another cause of injuries when using this equipment is being trapped between the basket and the fixed structure, falling off, collisions and hitting nearby vehicles or overhead cables.

How to Prevent Accidents from Happening?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep you safe or reduce the risk of accidents when using MEWPs.

  • Overhead Working – Brief the operator on overhead structures he could hit when operating the machine. You may also consider using a MEWP that is suitable for use on those types of areas.
  • Ground Condition – Most MEWPs require a flat and firm ground for it to work well. If you’re working on uneven ground, make sure to get equipment designed to hold on uneven surfaces.
  • Outriggers – Before moving or raising the platform, you must first extend and chock the outriggers to avoid damage and accidents.
  • Guardrails – Platform guardrails make the workers safe when working on the platform. It protects them from falling off the platform. Increase the efficiency of guardrails by pairing it with high-quality toe boards.
  • Avoiding a fall – Even if there are already guardrails installed on the platform, there are still some few instances when a fall happens. Double the safety of your workers by harnessing them to a secure anchorage point.
  • Falling things – Make sure to create a barrier around the work area so people won’t go near and be hit by falling objects or debris.
  • Weather – Make sure that the weather is good before working on elevated platforms. Strong winds are dangerous since they make the platform unstable. It is also not safe to work during storm or snow.

Aside from those safety tips, keep in mind that regular maintenance and inspection also helps a lot in safety while working with MEWPs.

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